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Come To Agreement provides a Professional Directory for the separation and divorce industry.  It’s easy to find professionals in your geographic area.  Sort by Zip/Postal Code, City, State/Province, Industry, Profession, Professional’s Name or by Company.  View their personal profile and learn about the services they provide.  All the information you require to make smart choices is right here.

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Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance Calculators

Come To Agreement’s Insurance Calculator helps you calculate the amount of life insurance required to secure child support payments, children’s current and future expenses, alimony/spousal support and debt repayment. Most policy owners like to keep their life insurance policy(s) in effect after their support payments end. You may want to leave money to a child, a new partner or a family member. You may have health challenges and recognize future insurance coverage will be impossible to obtain. Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance Calculators allow you to look at your monthly support payments and budget your future life insurance requirements.

Separation and Divorce Calculators

Our calculators help you to make sound financial choices.  Separation and divorce can be the greatest expense you have in your lifetime.  Making wise financial decisions is imperative for you and your children’s future financial viability. Members can save multiple calculations and send them as emails.
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When Children Do Well, Parents Do Well

When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well

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