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Co-parenting solutions and resources for divorced and separated co-parents

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Online co-parent communication tool.

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Support Insurance
Designed for divorced co-parents needs.

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Co-parenting guides and information

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Keeping things together while separated

Separation and divorce are never easy on parents and children but there are many ways moms and dads can help reduce the impact of their break-up. Co-operation between moms and dads helps reduce anxiety, improves attitudes in children, helps them perform well in school, allows parents to move forward with their own lives, reduces financial expenses considerably, paves the way for a much easier legal process and replaces frustration with optimism.

Committing yourself to be the best co-parent you can be, so your children can move forward enthusiastically in life, is the best gift you can give them during these trying times.


My2Families – Co-parenting App

My2Families is the most useful and comprehensive web-based separation and divorce ecosystem available. It links all the necessary co-parenting modules, organizational tools and wanted applications, to bring the needs of parents & children together. Raising happy, emotionally well-adjusted and secure children should be every parent’s goal.

My2Families makes your complicated life easier!

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Support Insurance

RBSI (Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance) secures support payments for child support, children’s current and future expenses, alimony or spousal support and any debt repayments, upon the death or serious illness of the policyholder. It’s responsible and fair for both parties so that the beneficiary receives what she/he is legally entitled to while other beneficiaries such as children or a new partner can share in the remaining proceeds! It just makes sense!

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Co-parenting Resources is the Go-To Platform for separation and divorce resources for Co-Parents and Family Law Professionals. We are committed to being the leader in our industry and will work hard to keep you informed of emerging trends and services. Our blogs and articles are relevant to you if you’re thinking about separating, going through separation or dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. Stay up to date with the latest information.

Separation Journey Guides & Resources

About Us

As the name implies, Come To Agreement helps fractured families improve “Shared or Co-Parenting Relationships”. Our products benefit moms, dads, children, grandparents, etc., and their family law and mental health professionals.

The applications create an organized “ex-family” structure, building better co-parenting relationships, healthier parent-child relationships and improved professional-client relationships. By re-defining each fundamental relationship function, each inter-personal relationship improves, and “fractured family” members heal.

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“Come To Agreement has created a comprehensive suite of family law products, which address the various stages of the separation journey that parents and children go through. I strongly recommend their products to anyone going through this experience.”

Darlene M. Rites – Family Lawyer – Toronto, Ontario