Calculator Features

  1. The Separation & Divorce Calculators will help you calculate all your support obligations and expense requirements. The calculators work together to provide easier data input.
  2. Financial budgeting, after you separate, is one of the most important skills you can learn. Come To Agreement’s calculators can be used professionally or by consumers with limited financial understanding.
  3. As your family needs change create up-to-date new calculations and compare them with your previous reports.
  4. The “View Example” button will help you determine how to maximize the calculators for you or your children’s individual needs.
  5. The “View My Calculations” button allows Consumer Members to review previously saved personal data and calculations.
  6. Parents often spend considerable money on their children’s Section 7 expenses. Use the Basic Special Expenses calculator or our Detailed Special Expenses calculator to estimate your share of those expenses. This can be very helpful when sharing or budgeting your children’s current or future expenses.
  7. The “Calculate” button will summarize the results of your inputted data so you can “Save” it for later use, “Email” the data to a professional on the directory or your ex-spouse, etc., or “Print” the results for use at a later date.
  8. You may be required to secure your support payments with life insurance. Come To Agreement’s Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance provides insurance coverage if the paying spouse becomes critically ill or dies. While no one wants to think about these problems, children’s current lives or their future education can be destroyed without proper insurance coverage. If you’re a Consumer Member the calculators will link the Support Insurance calculator with your support calculations.

Separation & Divorce Calculators Features

Child Support: Calculate monthly child support you pay or receive based on which parent your child(ren) live with more than 60% of the time or child support if a child(ren) equally share residences with both parents. Also, calculate your share of basic or detailed children’s special expenses so you know their total monthly/yearly special expenses.
Children's Special Expenses: Children require additional support for child care, medical and dental insurance, health related expenses, primary and secondary education, post-secondary education and extra-curricular activities. Calculate your child(ren)’s basic or detailed special expenses and your contribution. Our calculators help you budget their total monthly/yearly current expenses or future expenses.
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Our tools are proven to prevent co-parent conflict and are designed to be simple and easy to use.
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Calculate your insurance needs and secure your support payments with Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance.


Our tools are proven to prevent co-parent conflict and are designed to be simple and easy to use, whether on a PC, Mac or mobile device.
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