Online Co-Parenting tools are a proven method in aiding conflict resolution outcomes. Case after case can be managed more easily by parents and the professionals who see them.

Our Professional Client Application takes your practice to a whole new level. It's a unique application unlike any other on the market today. All your clients who use My2families, are visible at a glance, with your their permission. Invite clients to use My2Families, login to their account and get real-time alerts before problems get out of hand.

Exciting Features

  • Enhanced Client Dashboard
  • Monitor Parenting Time
  • Modify Parenting Schedules
  • Interact with Parents in Message Center
  • Upload Case Files
  • Manage Client Notes
  • Time Tracking and Pop-Up Timer
  • Client Account Billing
  • Client Invoicing
  • Export and Print Client Data
  • Premium Directory Listing

Monitor, Review and Interact with Clients


My2Families Pro enables professionals to monitor their clients activities, review their parenting time and modify their schedules, with permission. Great for Parenting Coordinators! The Message Center is where parent's communicate and professionals can monitor and interject if needed. The enhanced dashboard keeps all your clients information organized and viewable at a glance.

Premium Client Billing Suite

Premium Client Billing Suite

A complete billing and invoicing system will enable you to bill for accurate time and expenses, manage your accounts, while keeping client files and data organized. Our export feature allows for exporting data to QuickBooks and other client billing software, if required.


Popup Desktop Billing Timer

A handy time tracking "hot-key" timer allows you to keep track of time spent on tasks. Simply enter the client's name and the timer will auto-update the client's bill. Great for phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.

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