Why Insurance Matters

Now there’s insurance to really help separated parents & children

Rebalancing Beneficiaries InsuranceCritical Illness or the death of a supporting spouse will change a child's life.  To financially support your child(ren) means securing support payments with insurance.  Come To Agreement has partnered with leading Insurance Companies to help separated and divorced ex-spouses and children secure their financial future.  It’s low cost and responsible.  Even professionals find it easy to use.

Calculate Insurance requirements for support payments, children’s special expenses including future expenses (college or university costs, special needs, etc.), alimony / spousal support and equalization payments or debt repayment. You can also include COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) to determine your Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Long-Term Disability needs. Critical Illness coverage secures support payments if the supporting spouse suffers a major illness while Long-Term Disability pays a monthly amount when disabled.

Separation & Divorce Insurance Program
Here's how it works:

  • In the event of death, the Support Beneficiary will receive a lump sum insurance payment for support she or he is still owed, while the policy owner can leave the remaining rebalanced proceeds to his or her children, a new spouse or partner or to secure a financial loan, etc. Each year, on the anniversary date of the policy, the beneficiary amount owed, rebalances.
  • There are provisions for trustees regarding under-age children.
  • The agreed to Beneficiary Designation Schedule is attached to the Separation / Divorce Agreement or Court Order and the Insurance Policy.
  • There’s even a Notification Option to advise the Support Beneficiary if a policy will lapse.
  • Licensed Insurance Advisors/Agents sell Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance. It’s only sold through Come To Agreement.

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Lawyers love our program.

It’s fair for both parties and great for separated and divorced families.

Please note: Come To Agreement’s Support Insurance Calculator does not replace professional advice. Co-parents should contact their own Family Lawyer, Family Mediator or Insurance Advisor before making any insurance decisions regarding their specific situation.

Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance Program

  • Calculate your Support Insurance requirements for Life, Critical Illness or Long-Term Disability Insurance.
  • All information will be considered private and confidential as stated in our Privacy Policy.
  • Beneficiary Designation Form & Schedule. This form attaches to your Separation / Divorce Agreement, Divorce Order or Court Order and your Insurance Policy.
  • "View My Calculations", "View My Quotations" and "View My Beneficiaries" allow Co-Parents and Professional Members to review previously "Saved" calculations.