Employee Stress and Productivity (Coming Soon)

by | Dec 5, 2020 | Employers

Internationalism has created numerous business opportunities, however, it’s also had an ongoing significant effect on employee productivity and morale. As companies look for new ways to reduce staff, cut internal costs and monitor their bottom line, increasing numbers of unionized and non-unionized employees are struggling with increased stress and personal problems. New technology, social media, internet use and mobile devices, etc., have provided everyone, rich or poor, men or women, young or old, people from every religious background, with an ever increasing daily pace. What is the cost to each individual? Cost isn’t just financial. There’s a personal cost to having less time for family, a cost to that individual for less verbal communication with others, and costs for less privacy, less time for relaxation, less sleep, etc. Expenses are increasing. Personal satisfaction is decreasing. Employers realize all of these comments. Executives, H.R. Departments and Business Managers perhaps struggle even more than the average employee with the new pace in our society.

The increased rate of separation and divorce, a delayed marital age, an increasing rate for short-term common-law relationships and the escalating financial costs for general living expenses, has created an anxiety level society has never experienced before. Separation and divorce is a symptom of personal restlessness, stress, anxiety and fear.

Every employer needs their employees to demonstrate a daily commitment to their individual work ethic. The question every employer needs to answer: how can my employees provide the productivity and work ethic I desire when their personal lives have numerous distractions and increasing levels of stress?

Come To Agreement and My2Families obviously can’t solve all business problems. We can, however, greatly reduce stress levels for approximately 6% - 18% of your employees. That’s quite an amazing statement and certainly something worth considering.

My2Families was created specifically to help those 6% – 18% of your employees. The more people a company employs, the greater the financial benefit for that company.

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