Why companies need our Separation & Divorce Program?

Every company, large, medium or small, in every country, every state or province, in every city, whether its manufacturing, financial, retail, distribution, services, technology or government, etc., has a universal problem which significantly affects that company or organization’s bottom line. Net Profit, Productivity and Controling Costs is what Business is all about. Business is about people. HR Departments and businesses in general, spend billions of dollars annually trying to motivate employees and improve productivity. There are courses, motivational speakers, trips, dinners, retreats, sporting events, community activities, bonuses, spiffs, etc. They’re all good ideas, but something is missing. The missing link is simple: employees have marital and family problems. Being human means, employees bring their problems to work. It’s a simple concept. Their issues immensely affect productivity and profitability.

Employee Productivity, Separation & Divorce

Statistically, business executives have a much higher divorce rate than the 40% - 50% in society. What this really means is, 2.4% - 3.8% of your employees will separate each year. People who separate and divorce often struggle for years. Therefore, conservatively, whatever the number of employees in your company, 7.2% - 19% will have ongoing separation and divorce issues, which affect their business performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These issues lead to loss of productivity and reduced profitability for your company or organization. Now there’s a simple solution.

My2Families can help

Separating and Divorced Families typically struggle with 8 common themes. Every family breakdown deals with problems and prioritizes them in their own way.

  • Parents - Emotional Issues, Exhaustion, Sadness
  • Children - Behavior at Home and School
  • Money and Stress
  • Parental Non-Communication
  • Parenting Time Schedules
  • Managing School Homework
  • Time Management – Family, Personal, Business
  • Legal

My2Families is the perfect HR Department product to help separated and divorced employees. It’s a comprehensive suite of applications to manage and organize their daily lives not just during separation but also for years to come. The ages of the children will directly correspond with the number of years of use. The younger the child, the longer the family needs My2Families.

Using My2Families each day will help your employees be more productive, which will increase your bottom line. My2Families links with My2Families Professional and other Come To Agreement’s Separation & Divorce Products to help your employees.

When Children Do Well, Parents Do Well

When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well

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Co-Parent Features

  • Calendar
  • Parenting Schedule(s)
  • School Planner
  • Homework Manager
  • Money Manager
  • Contact Management
  • Children’s Info
  • Planner
  • Grocery List
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Notes
  • Media Center
  • Documents
  • Notifications
  • Journal


Secure Support Payments

  • Calculate Support Insurance
  • Child Support
  • Children's Special Expenses
  • Alimony / Spousal Support
  • Other Repayments
  • Rebalancing Payout
  • Payment Schedule
  • Notifications to Beneficiary
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability

Directory Professionals

  • Family Attorneys / Lawyers
  • Family Mediators
  • Divorce Professionals
  • Life Insurance Advisors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Therapists
  • Associations
  • Organizations