• View All Your Activities at a Glance
  • Calendar –Today, Weekly, Monthly
  • Viewable Applications –Plan Your Day with Your Important Apps
    -Example: Daily Planner, Communication Hub, Contacts,
    Children’s Info, Notes, Media Center



Planner (Coming Soon)

  • Your Daily To-Do List, Family, Personal, Work Appointments
  • Links with Calendar
  • Color Coded for Easy Viewing




  • Create Unlimited Calendars - Family, Personal, Business, etc
  • Customizable – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
  • Events, Activities, Appointments and Tasks
  • Mobile Access (coming soon)
  • Recurring Events
  • Schedule Homework Due Dates
  • Share with Family, Friends, and Business Associates
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • User Defined Viewable Permissions
  • Viewable Parenting Schedules



Parenting Schedule(s)

  • By Parent, by Child(ren), Customized Schedules
  • Custom Notes Section
  • Non-Resident - Parent Meals
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Schedules
  • Pre-Programmed Schedules –(50/50%, 70/30%, 80/20% etc.)
  • Recurring Schedules
  • Vacation Schedule



Money Manager

  • Expenses Register and Historical Records
  • Notifications, Alerts, Reminders and Archive
  • Payment Due Dates on Calendar
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Request Permission Before Purchasing Special Expenses
  • Request Reimbursement
  • Search by Child, Expense, Date, Parent Payment, etc.
  • Share Expenses by Parent/Category %
  • Upload Mobile Image of Receipt



School Information
Homework Manager

  • Calendarize Homework Due Dates
  • Complete Homework Assignments in “Homework Manager”
  • Keep All School Information Organized
  • Help Your Child(ren) Manage Their Homework
  • Organize Class Schedules and Weekend Programs
  • Schedule Children’s School Events and Activity Days
  • Search Features Including Previous Year’s Homework
  • Upload Information From School/Teacher Websites




  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Approvals –Change of Parenting Schedule(s)
  • Approvals –Change of Children’s Activity Schedules
  • Approvals –Children’s Special Expenses
  • Reimbursement Reminders



Children’s Info

  • Record Medical Information and Upload Documents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Child Care Info
  • Health and Fitness Programs
  • Favorites




  • Family, Personal, Work Folders
  • Links with Appointments on Calendar
  • Attach Files and Notes to the Contact
  • Custom Fields




  • Family, Personal Work Folders
  • Private or Sharing of Folders or Individual Notes
  • Filter By Date, Title
  • Tags
  • Unlimited Sub-Folders
  • Email Individual Notes
  • Add Notes To Calendar
  • Upload Attachments
  • Comments On Notes
  • Full WYSIWYG Editor For Professional Documents
  • Links to Google Drive



Tasks & Projects

  • Attach Tasks & Projects to Calendar
  • Create Assignments and Team Task
  • Show Task Status
  • Upload Files



Media Center

  • Upload Family Photos and Videos
  • Create Folders and Unlimited Subfolders
  • Email Folders, Subfolders or Pictures
  • Share Folders or Subfolders
  • Links to Google Drive




  • Family, Personal and Work Folders
  • Share Folders or Individual Documents
  • Email Documents
  • Private Settings
  • Links to Google Drive



Journal (Coming Soon)

  • Write Private Thoughts
  • Upload Files
  • Attach To Calendar
  • Tags
  • Share or Private Settings




  • Co-Parent While “On-The Go”. Everything you need in 1 place
  • Manage Calendars and Events
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Receive SMS Text Notifications, Reminders and Alerts
  • Works with All HTML5+ Supported Devices
  • Coming soon


User Friendly Applications