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Brian Baumal

7 Admiral Road
Toronto, ON
M5R 2L7
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I am a psychotherapist who helps people start their life after divorce. Psychotherapy involves delivering insight and awareness in a way that is encouraging and supportive. The goal is to impart knowledge to lead clients towards courage, choice and change.

What differentiates therapy from other forms of self-help is the recognition that everyone is different in their circumstances, psychological makeup and how they take-in information. Psychotherapy represents a way of providing information to individuals in a truly customized fashion that leads to deep, real and powerful change. The goal of therapy is not just to work on the surface, but to go below so that real change that is good for both the psyche and the soul can occur. In this regard though, therapy does not necessarily need to be a "deep" exploration of "feelings". Rather, it is designed to be an invigorating process that encourages full participation from individuals with whom I work.


Divorce can be both stressful and also provide a sense of relief. I work with individuals so that they can be more balanced and hopeful after divorce. My goal is to help individuals frame the past so that they can have a better future.

Divorce can also bring-up a number of other issues for people. If necessary, I can work with individuals who may also be experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD or loss of self-esteem related to divorce. I find that people who experience these after a divorce typically cannot "name" their condition. Rather, they often feel that something is not sitting as well with them as it should be as they start life after their marriage, and my goal is to help individuals work through those feelings as effectively as possible.


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