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Why become a member?

Consumer Members will have access to exclusive benefits, and joining is completely free!  For more information click here.

Are there any fees for the consumer?

All services are provided free of charge to the consumer. There are charges for purchased products.

How do reviews work on a professional’s profile?

We encourage you to let us know how your experience has been!  All reviews must first be approved by the CTA team.  This will ensure that no content is deemed to be  offensive to a consumer, professional or to Come To Agreement.  Reviews only show the poster’s first name to ensure anonymity.

What is the benefit of favouriting a professional?

By clicking on the “star” icon on the top right corner of a professional’s profile, you can favourite the professional for a future visit.  All favourites are stored in a common area and can be viewed by clicking “View my favourites” on the top right corner of the website.  There are several sorting features within the favourites section so you can find who you are looking for quickly and easily.

How can My2Families Co-Parenting communication software help my family?

My2Families is a Co-Parenting communication application for families that includes an Online Calendar, Parent to Parent Message Center, Money Manager, Personal Journal, Family Info, School Planner, and more.

It is not easy to communicate as parents, if you are separated or divorced. We help bridge the gap. Improving communication will make your children happier.

We help you manage your parenting schedule, keep track of shared expenses and exchange information such as school, after-school activities, medical, and other important information.

For more information please visit My2Families.

What other products/services does Come To Agreement plan to offer in the future?

We are currently working on additional products and services that will help Come To Agreement grow into the industry leader in the field of separation and divorce. All members will periodically receive newsletters, providing company updates, as we introduce new products and/or services.

What information of mine is public and private?

Come To Agreement will never share your contact information with 3rd party companies. All emails you send to a professional via their profile are strictly confidential between you and the contacted professional.

Does Come To Agreement offer free legal advice?

We are not a legal aid company. If you require legal advice we would be happy to suggest a lawyer in your area.

For more information please contact us.

Why can’t I find a professional in my City or Province?

Come To Agreement is a new website. We are working hard to expand our directory across Canada.  Over the next couple of months our directory will grow at a very fast pace. Professionals will soon be available in your city and province!

What are the office hours of Come To Agreement?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

For all other questions and/or comments please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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