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Going through a separation or a divorce can be one of the most challenging times a husband, wife, single parent, child, grandparents, friend, employer, etc., goes through in their life.

Come To Agreement - Get Started - Where to Start GuideOur need to be loved is powerful. The loss of a trusted best friend, ongoing communication problems, feelings of insecurity, financial concerns, etc., can cause incredible stress, anxiety, emotional outbursts, anger, fear and even relocation to other cities.

The “Where To Start Guide” gives a brief overview regarding what you need to do in order to help yourself, your children or other family members during the separation and divorce process. Finding a way to become a “healthier you” and helping separated families is our mission. Read about, “Finding Help” with the best professional advice possible (whether its legal advice, financial advice, therapeutic advice, etc.) which will help you and those you love get back to a healthier life faster. If you are a co-parent your parental role will last your lifetime. Learning to be a better parent and sharing parenting responsibilities is a skill you can learn from our My2Families application. Determining support payments, children’s special expenses and financial budgeting, are on-going skills you can learn with our “Calculators”. Securing support payments with “Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance” is the final piece of your separation and divorce puzzle.

I hope you find the “Where To Start Guide”, Come To Agreement and our wonderful resources, helpful.

Stephen Rosenfield, CEO

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