How Do I Benefit

Each person will benefit in their own unique way whether they are a co-parent, a child, a grandparent, a stepparent or an invited user.  When families become “ex-families”, each individual requires a variety of new resources just to keep focused and balanced.

My2Families is the perfect suite of applications, which provides flexibility and organization for each person while providing individual personal security, privacy or shared information.


Typically, in every family, there are certain daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines and of course not to mention, on-going obligations.  Separation causes all family routines to change and obligations to shift.  Parental communication changes from discussions after children go to bed, to emails or no discussion at all.

Parenting Schedule(s) and children’s activities often become nightmares for one or both parents.  How can activities be arranged when parents don’t speak to each other?  Who picks up?  Who drops off?  Who takes the children to the doctor or dentist when both parents work or there’s a very young child at home?  Who keeps track of the children’s special expenses and who pays?  Money Manager solves this problem.

When children go back and forth between their parent’s homes, are both parents involved with school homework?  Do both parents understand how their children feel and speak openly with each other?  Is important information still shared such as medical information and childcare?  The Children’s Info App looks after that.

The question to ask yourself, can I manage all my family, my personal and my work responsibilities and obligations without help from My2Families?  Read over all the information on the Co-Parents - Features Page and you will know your answer.


Children have simple needs, which become complicated when parents separate.  The School Planner & Homework Manager is a great place to start.  It allows both parents to be involved with schoolwork and enables each child to manage their subjects.  The Family Calendar will keep the kids organized and they will know who, what, where and when, is taking place in their lives.  The Media Center lets them upload their photos and videos while the Journal provides opportunity for thoughts and feelings to be expressed.

Children want to feel love from both parents.  They want to feel good about themselves especially at school and amongst their peers, without complications.  But… separated life is difficult and challenging.  Children will love the simplicity of My2Families and the fear they often feel will start to be replaced with optimism.


If you have parents (grandparents) who are able to lend a helping hand, you are very lucky!  Common stressors that separated parents face are: how can I be at work and pick up the kids at school, at the same time?  How can I take Sally to her after-school or evening program and still look after my other children?  Today, grandparents take a hands-on role involving themselves in the lives of their grandchildren.  Healthy and abled grandparents help reduce many of these stressors their children face.  My2Families Family Calendar keeps everyone, even grandparents, stay in the loop.


When families separate, professionals are often involved.  Whether a Family Lawyer, a Family Mediator or any other qualified separation and divorce professional, My2Families links flawlessly with My2Families Professional allowing for improved client/professional communication, with permission from you, the client.

If you are a parent, child, grandparent, family member, caregiver or professional, My2Families is the best resource for you and your family.