How to Write an Effective Profile

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Tips, Professionals

Now that you've become a Gold, Silver or Bronze Member the next step is filling out your professional profile. It's very important to write an effective profile. It will help you generate new leads and expand your business.

Online marketing is different than traditional marketing. The internet gives Co-Parents the power of choice. They are able to research topics and get more information without leaving their home. Writing an effective profile will give you the chance to pitch yourself before contact is made. Following these tips will help with the overall success of your profile.

Take your time

Writing a great profile can seem like a daunting task. Most people have a hard time writing about themselves, so take your time. Co-Parents will be more likely to contact you if they have a good sense of the services you offer. Be descriptive and provide examples.

What is your niche?

While it's great you are a Family Lawyer, a Mediator, an Insurance Broker or a Real Estate Agent, what sets you apart from other professionals in your field? Do you specialise in high conflict families, children, families on a budget, or selling townhouses? Write about your specialisation. Co-Parents are looking for something specific. This is your chance to sell yourself, your practice or your business and let Co-Parents know why you're right for their needs and requirements.

Make the Co-Parent feel comfortable

Co-Parents are contacting you because they need help during their separation and divorce. They may be quite emotional or in great pain. Be respectful while keeping things simple and refrain from using intellectual terms. If you're a member of an association, list the acronym and list the full "Association Name". Provide the Co-Parent with as much information as possible while keeping it simple and easy to read.

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