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How To Use Beneficiaries Designation Form & Schedule

Many separated moms and dads are required by their Separation / Divorce Agreement, Divorce Order or other Court Order, to secure support payments. Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance allows a newly purchased insurance policy (through Come To Agreement Ltd.) to secure those payments while allowing additional beneficiaries such as children or a new partner to be included on the policy. Your co-parent calculations may be saved for use at a later time by joining our Free Co-Parent Membership.

Remember, this is a legal agreement between the Insured Party, the Support Beneficiary and the Insurance Company (new policies only). Please complete the Beneficiaries Designation Form & Schedule as accurately as possible, including all mandatory fields (*). Consider your specific requirements. Your questions may be explained more fully by a Family Attorney / Lawyer or licensed Insurance Advisor.

  1. The calculator calculates automatically based on Policy Date, Support Amount and Number of Years. The Policy Amount may be greater than the Support Amount. Example: a $300,000.00 policy but securing only $200,000.00 support payments. Most often the Policy Amount and the Support Amount are the same.
  2. Read the Rollovers (?) regarding further help for each section.
  3. Consider the implications regarding Irrevocable or Revocable policies by asking your Insurance Advisor or Family Attorney / Lawyer.
  4. The Notification tab provides permission for an Insurance Advisor to contact the Support Beneficiary if the policy will lapse.
  5. Changing Child Support, Children’s Special Expenses and Alimony / Spousal Support can affect insurance requirements. The % column and Amount column may be manually adjusted to reflect your changing circumstances. The calculator will recalculate. Please note: calculations do not allow for an amount greater than the Support Amount, either by percentage or amount.
  6. Your best "Witnesses" are your Family Attorney / Lawyer or Insurance Advisor.
  7. Co-Parent Members or Professional Members are able to Save and Email this Form.
  8. To complete a new Form or to clear the contents of an existing Form, Press "Clear".

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Beneficiaries Designation Form & Schedule

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