Family Law Industry

by | Dec 6, 2020 | Professionals

As a Family Law Professional, whether you’re a Lawyer/Attorney, Mediator, Custody Assessor, Parenting Coordinator, Divorce Coach, Family Court Judge, Children’s Lawyer, Government worker overseeing children’s problems, or Supervised Access Center Manager, etc., one concept is well established. Family Law problems are increasingly very complicated. There are numerous professional associations, which deal with Family Law issues. Many of those associations overlap and include a variety of professional disciplines. AFCC is a good example of the multi-disciple approach.

Not only are Family Law issues complicated, but technology and our need for the immediate supply of information has increased those complications. When families separate many parents and children’s expectations are quite unrealistic. Often, there’s a tug-of-war between parents. Increasingly, children are now manipulating their parents and establishing their own tug-of-war rules. Add to those complications the need for instantaneous information, changing Family Law methodologies, overcrowded courts, a downturn in employment opportunities, rising personal costs, increasing parenting time responsibilities, etc., and a simple concept called “family” has become an extremely complicated concept called “ex-family”.

Come To Agreement’s My2Families and My2Families Professional and our other products make this very complicated “ex-family” concept, simple again. Come To Agreement has coordinated and organized all the needed applications, organizational applications and wanted applications, so they function easily and collectively. Additionally, we’ve added Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance, a Professional “Find Help” Directory, an (EAP) Employee Assistance Program to help employees and link professionals to those employees, and Support Calculators.

As a Family Law Professional, in whatever discipline you practice, My2Families Professional will significantly improve your practice or business, on a daily basis.