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Planning for the Holidays, during Covid

It’s a wonderful time of the year. Families get together. Children are overly excited about so many things. There’s lots of cookies and candies, all with too much sugar. Stories are told. Children always behave better before they get their presents than after getting them. 

However, family traditions have changed. Moms and dads and their families get together separately. Competition for time with your kids is challenging. Planning for the Holidays During Covid makes the holidays even more stressful. 

Let’s simplify this year’s holidays. Covid’s numbers are rising. Boosters are being encouraged. There’s a new variant, which will start to increase significantly in the new year. Parents need to work but some schools are shutting down temporarily because of Covid. Everyone is frustrated. 

There are questions you need to ask yourself, as a mom or as a dad. 

  1. Do we both have the same values about Covid? Afterall, there are at least 2 family bubbles, and your children are in both. 
  2. Do your friends and family members, and the people you and your children are getting together with, believe in masks and vaccines?  
  3. Can some of the holiday festivities be outside? and …  
  4. Are larger indoor gatherings of people organized to reduce possible Covid exposure? 

If you plan responsibly, children can be safe and have lots of fun with

their two families. 

My2Families is the perfect co-parenting software to manage both families’ calendar events, holiday parenting schedules, shopping lists, shared children’s expenses, and more.  While this time of year can be wonderful and exciting, many parents and children struggle with bouts of sadness, for many reasons. Keep checking your children’s feelings and listen actively to their thoughts. 

Come To Agreement can help you with our custom products and services as well as complimentary services provided by our partners. Check out our website at Read our Guides and watch our Videos. Seek help to get through the tough times. Being a co-parent means sharing. Find common values and raise happier children, especially during these turbulent times. 


When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well