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Why become a professional member and join our directory?

Becoming a Professional Member is a great way to market you and your company to a new network of consumers, affordably and efficiently. Our goal is to help you gain more clients and expand your business.

Why become a Gold or Silver Member vs. a Bronze Member?

Becoming a Bronze Member will list you on our Professional Directory and give you insider knowledge to future products and services that Come To Agreement will be offering. It will only provide basic features.

Becoming a Gold or Silver Member allows you to upload a picture of yourself and your company logo. It allows you to post detailed information on your personal profile about your credentials, background and specializations. The “Save Client’s Calculations” feature (Gold Members)  allows you to calculate support payments and support insurance requirements for your clients and sort your calculations as you require. This is a very handy feature. These added benefits as well as others we’ll be adding in the near future will provide consumers with more information about you. The Gold or Silver Profiles will help consumers determine if your services meet their needs and will generate more leads to expand your professional practice or business!

For more information please visit our Pricing page.

What is the fee to become a professional member?

Gold Membership is $300.00/Year or $30.00/Month.
Silver Membership is $20.00/Month or $200/Year.
Basic Bronze Membership is $10.00/Month or $100.00/Year. For more information about the different membership plans we offer, please visit our Pricing page.

How does Membership work if I choose to pay monthly?

Your credit card will be charged monthly. There are no one-time fees.

How will Come To Agreement drive consumers to the website?

Initially, we will be driving consumers through a strong public relations program. We will focus on print media and social media campaigns to increase our visibility within communities across the country.

How do you intend to drive professionals to the website?

Our professional service representatives will be contacting professionals to let them know about Come To Agreement’s products. We will exhibit at professional trade shows and conferences including the AFCC, High Conflict Forum, Family Law Associations, and we will be making presentations to many other Associations in Ontario and then across Canada to inform professionals how Come To Agreement can help their practices or businesses. We will focus on online media buys and social media campaigns to increase our visibility within communities. As our company grows and our online presence increases, we will expand across Canada. Our goal is to have a strong presence as quickly as possible.

How can My2Families Co-Parenting Communication software help my business?

My2Families.com is a co-parenting communication application for families that includes an Online Family Calendar, Parent to Parent Message Center, Money Manager, and other applications for consumers. My2Families also has a Professional login to monitor your client’s communications and help keeps your clients organized and appropriate. My2Families is affordable for consumers and a great way to keep a detailed record when preparing your client for court. For more information please visit My2Families.com.

What other products/services does Come To Agreement plan to offer in the future?

We are currently working on additional products and services that will help Come To Agreement grow at a rapid pace and solidify itself as a national leader within the separation and divorce industry. These enhancements will drive more traffic to our website which translates into better results for professional members. All professional members will periodically receive newsletters providing company updates as we begin to introduce new products and/or services.

What will happen to my profile if I do not pay once my Membership expires?

Gold, Silver or Bronze Members who do not renew their membership will be delisted. Your profile will be hidden to the public. You can log in and renew your Membership at any time. All of your profile information will be stored on file. We will send notification emails before the expiration date to remind you to renew your membership.

How can I write an effective profile to get positive results?

Make sure to fill in as much information as possible. The more information you provide within your profile the better opportunity you have attracting consumer’s attention. Premium Members, please make sure to include a photo of yourself and your company logo. This will give your profile a more personal feel. To see a sample profile, click here.

I am not sure which industry and/or profession I should choose for the directory.

Please make sure to check the list of industries and professions so you choose the appropriate category. This list is available on the professional membership registration page. If you are still unsure, please contact us for further assistance.

How do reviews work on my profile?

We encourage you to let us know how your experience has been!  All reviews must first be approved by the CTA team.  This will ensure that no content is deemed to be  offensive to a consumer, professional or to Come To Agreement.  Reviews only show the poster’s first name to ensure anonymity.

What information of mine is public and private?

All information you provide for your profile will be public while you are a Come To Agreement member. We will never share your contact information with 3rd party companies. All emails you receive from consumers through the Come To Agreement website are strictly confidential between you and the consumer.

What are the office hours of Come To Agreement?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

For all other questions and/or comments please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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