Client Management (Coming Soon)

My2Families Co-Parenting Relationship Tools will benefit your clients and their children on a daily basis. Now, you can utilize My2Families Professional to manage your clients more easily with our suite of Family Law applications, created to organize your clients, practice and your personal life. It is unlike any other suite of Family Law applications on the market today. Invite your clients to use My2Families co-parents applications, login to their account (with your client’s permission) and get real-time alerts before client problems get out of hand.

Daily Professional Applications

  • Professional Dashboard
  • Daily Planner
  • Calendar (Clients, Practice, Personal, etc.)
  • Keep Files Organized - Drag & Drop
  • Manage Client Files
  • Conflictmometer (for High-Conflict Clients)
  • Communication Hub
  • Notifications, Reminders & Alerts
  • Permissions –Choose which applications to share
  • Client Management
  • Notes
  • Tasks & Projects
  • Documents Filing
  • Media Center
  • Popup Time Tracker with Individual Billing Rates
  • Client Invoicing & Split Billing
  • Retainer Management
  • Journal
  • Purchase additional storage memory
  • Mobile Enabled – coming soon

Monitor, Review and Interact with Clients and Associates

My2Families Professional enables professionals to monitor their client’s activities, review their parenting time and modify their schedules, (with client permission). This feature is great for Custody Assessors and Parenting Coordinators! The enhanced dashboard keeps all your client's information organized and viewable at a glance.

M2Families Professional is perfect for Family Lawyers/Attorneys, Family Mediators, Custody Assessors, Parenting Coordinators, Children's Lawyers, Family Courts, Divorce Coaches, Therapists, Supervised Access Centers, etc.

Other Professional / Client Features

  • Monitor Client Parenting Time Schedule(s)
  • Modify your Client’s Parenting Schedule(s)
  • Review Client’s Money Manager
  • Review Client’s Homework Manager
  • Upload & Manage Client Files, Emails
  • Export Client Billing Data to Accounting Programs

Popup Desktop Billing Timer

A handy time tracking "hot-key" timer allows you to keep track of time spent on client tasks. Simply select the client's name and the timer will auto-update the client's bill. Great for phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.

Premium Client Billing Suite

A complete billing and invoicing system will enable you to bill for accurate time and expenses, manage your accounts, while keeping client files and data organized. Our export feature allows for exporting data to client billing software, if required.

The "Must Have Applications" for busy Family Law Professionals