Support Calculators

Come To Agreement created our Separation & Divorce Calculators to help Canadian parents understand support calculations and financial budgeting.  In many separating families one spouse may not be aware of the couple’s expenses.  Learning to understand your new spending habits is the start to financial responsibility.

The cost of separation and divorce may be your largest expense during your lifetime.  Managing your money and supporting your children in a healthy financial manner can reduce your stress and provide your children with the emotional security for their future.

Please note:  Come To Agreement’s Separation & Divorce Calculators do not replace professional advice.  Consumers should contact their own Family Lawyer, Family Mediator or other professional before making any legal or financial decisions regarding their specific situation.



  1. The Separation & Divorce Calculators will help you calculate all your support obligations and expense requirements.
  2. Come To Agreement’s calculators can be used professionally or by consumers with limited financial understanding.
  3. The “View My Calculations” button allows Consumer Members to review previously saved personal data and calculations, and compare them.
  4. Use the Basic Special Expenses calculator or our Detailed Special Expenses calculator to estimate your children’s Section 7 Expenses.
  5. The “Calculate” button will summarize the results of your inputted data so you can “Save” it for later use, “Email” the data to a professional on the directory or your ex-spouse, etc., or “Print” the results for use at a later date.
  6. You may be required to secure your support payments with life insurance.  Come To Agreement’s Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance provides insurance coverage if the paying spouse becomes critically ill or dies.