Why Use Calculators?

Come To Agreement created Separation & Divorce Calculators to help parents understand their children’s expenses and to help with financial budgeting. In many separating families, one parent may not understand their expenses. Learning to understand your new spending habits is the start to financial responsibility.

The cost of separation and divorce may be your largest expense during your lifetime.  Managing your money and supporting your children, in a healthy financial manner, can reduce your stress and provide your children with the emotional security for their future.

Please note:  Come To Agreement’s Separation & Divorce Calculators do not replace professional advice.  Co-Parents should contact their own Family Attorney / Lawyer, Family Mediator or other professional before making any legal or financial decisions regarding their specific situation.



1. The Separation & Divorce Calculators will help you calculate your Children's Special Expenses obligations and budget for your future requirements.

2. Financial Budgeting, after you separate, is one of the most important skills you can learn. Come To Agreement’s calculators can be used professionally or by co-parents with limited financial understanding.

3. As your family needs change create up-to-date new calculations and                                         compare them with your previous reports.

4. “View My Calculations” button will help you determine how to maximize the calculations for you and your children’s individual needs.

5. “View My Calculations” allows Co-Parent Members to review previously saved personal data and calculations.

6. Use the Basic Special Expenses Calculator for simple expenses or budgets, or the Detailed Special Expenses Calculator to estimate different categories of your children’s expenses. This can be very helpful when sharing or budgeting your children’s current or future expenses and the impact they have on your financial circumstances.

7. The “Calculate” button will summarize the results of your inputted data. You can “Save” it for later use, “Email” the data to a professional on the Professional Directory or your ex-spouse, etc., or “Print” the results for use at a later date.


Co-Parent Applications

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Directory Professionals

  • Family Attorneys/Lawyers
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  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate
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  • Healthcare
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Secure Support Payments

  • Calculate Support Insurance
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  • Children's Special Expenses
  • Alimony / Spousal Support
  • Other Repayments
  • Rebalancing Payout
  • Payment Schedule
  • Notifications to Beneficiary
  • Critical Illness Insurance
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