When Children Do Well, Parents Do Well

When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well

My2Families is about 3 very simple separation and divorce concepts.  (1) When parents and children do well, each person moves forward in a healthier manner; (2) Many children now have 2 separate families; (3) Most parents and children need considerable help figuring out the complications of their new separated and divorced lives.

My2Families is the most useful and comprehensive web-based separation and divorce product available.  It links all the necessary parenting applications, organizational applications and wanted applications, to bring the needs of parents & children together. Raising happy, emotionally well-adjusted and secure children should be every parent’s goal.

It Just Makes Sense

For Family, Personal and Business Use

My2Families makes your complicated life easier

Create Parenting Schedules

Manage Children's Expenses


Raising happy, healthy, secure children is every parent's wish. My2Families provides all the relationship tools to help raise your children from 2 separate homes. My2Families allows co-parents to share information on each app, utilizing Permissions and Privacy settings for each invited user. Parenting Schedules, Family Calendars, Money Manager, Children's Info and other modules are shared. Now co-parents can raise their children appropriately.

RBSI secures support payments for Child Support, Children’s current and future Special Expenses, Alimony or Spousal Support and any equalization or debt repayments, upon the death of the policyholder. It’s responsible and fair for both parties so the beneficiary receives what she/he is legally entitled to while other beneficiaries can share in the remaining proceeds.

When parents separate there are many factors to consider. Speaking with a knowledgeable Family Lawyer / Attorney, Family Mediator, Therapist, Financial Advisor, Associations and Organizations, etc., will be supportive. Finding the right professionals to help you and your children is the first step towards healing and a healthy future. Let CTA’s Find A Professional Directory help you make good choices.

M2F Pro helps organize and manage each client’s file, review client’s My2Families information (with permission) and keeps your professional practice / personal life organized. M2F Pro allows you to share client information within your firm, provides online client appointment bookings and provides Time & Billing with Invoicing or links to 3rd party accounting systems.

The Directory helps connect parents who require professional advice and support to those professionals who can help: Family Law Lawyers / Attorneys, Family Mediators, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Salespeople, Mortgage Brokers, Psychologists, Social Workers, Education, Associations, Organizations...

M2F Employer is the perfect EAP Program for large and small companies to help employees going through separation and divorce. The cost is a low monthly fee per employee. The increased productivity, by employees under considerable personal stress, pays for this Program almost immediately.


  • Work as Better Co-Parents
  • Help Organize Your Children
  • Share Your Information with Family Users
  • Interact with Your Family Law Professionals

Other Co-Parenting Products

  • Find Help - Professional Directory
  • Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance
  • Support Calculators

Family Law Professionals (Coming Soon)

  • Manage Your Client Files
  • Review Client’s Information (with permission)
  • Keep Your Professional Practice / Personal Life Organized
  • Share Information Within Your Firm

Family Law Industry

As a Family Law Professional, whether you’re a Lawyer/Attorney, Mediator, Custody Assessor, Parenting Coordinator, Divorce Coach, Family Court Judge, Children’s Lawyer, Government worker overseeing children’s problems, or Supervised …

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Security = Confidence and A Better Approach

Come To Agreement, My2Families and My2Families Professional Cloud Applications use industry leading service providers which provide unified security management and advanced threat protection for running processes.  It delivers visibility and control over hybrid cloud processes, active defenses that reduce your exposure to threats, and intelligent detection to help you keep pace with rapidly evolving cyberattacks. Come To Agreement provides real-time backups to keep your data safe.