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About Come To Agreement is the online separation and divorce resource for co-parents and family law professionals. We are committed to being the leader in our industry and will work hard to keep you informed of emerging trends and services.

Our History

As a Family Mediator, since 1999, I’ve dealt primarily with high conflict, angry parents who struggled to communicate appropriately. Patterns began to emerge over the years that were the basis for many of the ideas incorporated in Come To Agreement’s new Family Law products.

Most moms felt the stress of being single moms. There were considerable similarities when moms had most of the responsibilities for raising children. Dads also had some unique stressors managing their time, financial responsibilities, and day-to-day activities. Many children were angry about the battles witnessed between their parents. The ongoing tension allowed me to identify many Family Law problems that were not addressed in parenting arrangements and in legal agreements. I realized the entire Family Law industry was underserved, and this was the seed from which this company was born.

While each family breakdown has its own nuances of behaviour, the common threads each family faced were: a) financial anxiety affecting both moms and dads; b) different family values that led to angry communication between the parties; and c) controlling behaviours by dads, moms and even children, which added to the pre-existing family struggles.

After several years of research and development, our team created a suite of online separation and divorce products to help co-parents deal with most of these separation struggles. My2Families ecosystem allows for ongoing communication, scheduling of children’s events and parenting schedules, as well as handling ex-family requirements such as sharing children’s special expenses and payments. The Support Insurance product secures short and long-term support payments in a fair and equitable manner to both parties. These products were created to help millions of ex-family members who separate each year and for people who continue to struggle with ongoing divorce problems.

My wish is to help struggling ex-families and help children improve their future lives.

Stephen Rosenfield, Founder, Director

Corporate Culture

Come To Agreement is a company that provides unique solutions to the underserved Family Law industry. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of separated and divorced families by offering innovative industry-leading solutions.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Executive Team

Our Executive Team has many years of experience in family law, product development, business management and life insurance. Come To Agreement can make a real difference in your life.

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Family Law Professionals and Life Insurance Advisors understand the difficulties and stress families experience during separation and after divorce.

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