Our tools are proven to prevent co-parent conflict and are designed to be simple and easy to use, whether on a PC, Mac or mobile device.


My2Families is a suite of co-parenting relationship tools created to help moms, dads, children, grandparents, teachers and other professional service providers, improve how separated and divorced families deal with their daily requirements, in a healthy and practical manner. Each addition, approval or change is dated, time-stamped and recorded. Individual access permissions are provided.


ONLY $15.00/MONTH or $150.00/YEAR




Our Featured Tools

calendar-blue Family Calendar

Manage all children's events in one place. Include drop-off/pick-up times and who's responsible. Add activities, homework, medical appointments, etc. Everyone who's involved can know the schedule.

message-center-blue Message Center

Communication is the key to healthy co-parenting. Your ex will never miss a message again and you'll know when they received it. It's the foundation of our program.

money-manager-blue Money Manager

Children have special expenses. They never end. Manage each parent's financial responsibilities, effectively and with less stress. Money Manager really works!

school-green School Planner

Help your children do better in school. Always stay involved. Improving their education is the greatest gift you can give them. A parent's knowledge of school work will decrease everyone's stress.

journal-green Personal Journal

Keep all your thoughts in one place and share it only if you want to.

family-info-greenFamily Info

Keep all your children's documents, school records, medical reports, etc., in one place. When you need it, you'll have it.

photo-album-green Photo Album

Children and parents can share their photos online with all family members, subject to individual permission. This way both parents can have their children's photos.

to-do-green To-Do Lists

List all the things you need to do for your children, then share the list with your ex. Make sure you're fair and both parents are involved with decisions.

ONLY $15.00/MONTH or $150.00/YEAR

Parents have access to all features and functionality.
Use it for a month, a year, or a lifetime with no contract or commitment required.




Main Features

messageCommunications.  Use our Message Center for all your co-parenting communication. Each message is dated, time-stamped and recorded. Discuss all you children’s needs. Solve problems. Review your communication at a later date or share with a professional service provider, such as a Therapist, Family Lawyer/Attorney, Parenting Coordinator, Divorce Coach, Family Mediator, etc.

Organization.:  Managing daily schedules for each child, getting approvals and then purchasing your children’s special needs, paying for them and collecting your ex’s share later, communicating about medical appointments or problems at school and sharing success stories or discipline routines, requires incredible parenting skills and communication.  My2Families helps makes it simple.