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Ask Stephen – Information about Separation and Divorce

Ask StephenWhen families separate, most moms and dads don’t understand their new responsibilities, how to cooperatively co-parent, how to budget their new financial reality and how to manage their working lives. In fairness, single parenting is challenging, especially when parents have young children or troubled teenagers.

Come To Agreement created “Ask Stephen…” to help separated parents understand how they can benefit from Stephen’s experience, practicing Family Mediation for over 20 years. Separation, ex-families, divorce, etc. are words most of us know. We all know people who have struggled. When parents separate, each has unique feelings about their relationship or ex-relationship and most people need help coming to terms with their “Own Separation Journey”.

Come To Agreement has an excellent website, filled with Resources and Guides for separated parents. My2Families is a FREE Co-Parenting App created to improve co-parenting and help children struggling with 2 new families. Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance is the best Support Insurance available, and secures future support payment obligations for Child Support, Children’s Special Expenses, Spousal Support and even other financial responsibilities. Other Family Law products and services will be offered soon.

Ask Stephen… provides 20 minutes of FREE questions and answers. Stephen can help you better understand Your Separation Journey. Perhaps you have a question relating to My2Families and sharing your children’s expenses or setting up a new Parenting Time Schedule. Maybe, you just need to talk. Stephen can listen. Are you frustrated and need a bit of help finding a new direction so you can figure out how to proceed with the new “you”. Stephen has lots of experience and can help.

Click here to go to the “Asking Stephen” booking page to select an appointment and let’s talk.

Don’t forget to ask questions about Support Insurance, your needs or your responsibilities. Stephen can explain how Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance can help you and your ex-family. Family Lawyers love Come To Agreement’s separation and divorce program, because it work for Family Law and disputes.

I hope we can speak soon.




              When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well