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Family Mediation

Mediation is a term used to describe a concept for resolving disputes with the help of an independent neutral third party. It’s used in business. It’s used in complicated situations frequently involving legal matters. Now, more than ever, mediation is helping resolve issues in family disputes. This process is called “Family Mediation”. 

Family separation can be a paralyzing experience. Children may become sad, irritable and sick, requiring parents to stay home from work. Parents can become frustrated, angry and withdrawn. Financial changes to the family structure facilitate additional stress. 

Most separating families require financial advice in order to cope with the needs of two separate households. The ex-family costs for separation can amount to $20,000 to $25,000 per family per year, or considerably more. Has your family saved $20,000 to $25,000 during the past 12 months? 

Family Mediators are frequently lawyers or therapists who understand the financial or parenting issues pertaining to separation and divorce. Depending on the difficulties of the issues and the personalities of the people involved, a skilled Family Mediator can help both parties resolve disputes in a calm and productive manner. When marriages end, one party is often more involved with their home and children while the other party seems to understand the family’s finances. Happy couples may strive to achieve an equal balance of responsibilities in marriage, but most separating couples don’t. Sometimes, two skilled Family Mediators are required, one dealing with parenting issues and the other dealing with financial issues. 

Family Mediation is a nurturing and supportive process when your life is stressful and confusing. A Family Mediator’s role is to help both parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement, which can be reviewed by each party’s Family Lawyer. This is called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Family Lawyer’s provide Independent Legal Advice (ILA). The parties usually honor mediated settlements more often because the final Separation Agreement reflects the negotiated wishes of each party. Family Mediation is also a gentle approach to resolving disputes as separation is emotionally challenging for all family members. Reasonable people can mediate reasonable agreements. 

If you’re struggling with parenting or financial issues, give Family Mediation a try. Please note: Family Mediation works best when both parties feel safe and confident in mediation. Speaking and listening to each other respectfully will improve the chances of a successful agreement. 

My2Families is the perfect solution that compliments Family Mediation. 

Separation is challenging. When both parents can speak respectfully with each other, use My2Families and consider Family Mediation. 

 When Parents Do Well, Children Do Well