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Divorce with children - Co-Parent's Tools

Co-Parent's Tools - Separation or Divorce with children

Come To Agreement has created Family Law products to help separated and divorced families deal with the daily communication, information sharing, and short-term and long-term financial responsibilities.  Separation and divorce are often the highest or second-highest expenses people have in their lifetime. Look at both products. They were created just for moms and dads like you.

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Raising happy, healthy, secure children is every parent’s wish. 50% of children now live-in non-traditional families. My2Families provides all the relationship tools to help raise your children in two separate homes. Life is complicated but being a single parent is even more complicated.

Modules include:
• Dashboard – to see information at a glance
• Calendars – keeps everybody organized
• Parenting Schedules – to automatically manage residential schedules for children
• Money Manager – for all shared expenses and historical expense records
• Children’s Info – all important copies of cards and documents in one place
• Contacts – yours & theirs so you can always reach important people
• Requests and Notifications – Date-Stamped Approvals
• School Planner & Homework Manager – keeps all school information organized
• Notes – for every thought or idea, or your daily journal
• Media Center – share Family Photos and Videos. Organized them into Folders
• Documents – keep all Family Records in Unlimited Folders and Subfolders
• Mobile – Coming Soon –Co-Parenting while “On-The Go”.

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Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance

Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance secures support payments for Child Support, Children’s Special Expenses & Future Special Expenses, Spousal Support and any other Debts owed between the parties. The Insurance Policy rebalances down as support payments are made to the Support Beneficiary and rebalances upwards for other Beneficiaries such as children or a new partner, always to the Insurance Policy amount. Support Insurance can be Term Life or Whole Life and can include Critical Illness Insurance.

Securing your support payments is now easier than ever. It’s fair for both parents and solves important Family Law and Insurance problems. Come To Agreement has now partnered with some of Canada’s largest Life Insurance companies to make sure you, your ex and your children can move forward, in a mutually beneficial manner, if the support payer gets sick or passes away.

Call Come To Agreement for a Support Insurance quote or have your family lawyer contact us directly, for more information.

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“Come To Agreement provides useful family law products, which are sensible for ex co-parents going through separation and divorce. My2Families allows co-parents to share important children’s information with each other, while Rebalancing Beneficiaries Support Insurance secures support obligations in a fair manner.”

Howard Nightingale – Family Lawyer – Toronto, Ontario