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Your Separation Journey (Preparing for divorce)

(Preparing for divorce) Divorced parents

Stages of Separation When Preparing for Divorce

1. Emotional Separation
You feel angry or sad, scared, nervous, in pain or fear money problems? The mourning of the relationship is just beginning. 
CTA has the Guides & Resources to help you down your path. Therapy services available through our partner Psymood*.
2. Physical Separation
You’ve split up and you’re figuring out how to be single and look after the kids too. Life is becoming so stressful and complicated.
Try My2Families Co-Parenting software to keep your ex-family organized while focusing on your children’s needs.
3. Legal Separation
You’re finalizing your Separation Agreement, which includes specifying all residential arrangements and financial support payments!
Our Support Insurance is a win/win for both parents. Our Professional Directory (coming soon) can help you find the right professionals to help.
4. Moving On ...
You’re balancing your kids, your ex and the new challenges you’re facing! Or you may be in a new healthy relationship with more kids.
My2Families will help you stay in touch with your children’s needs for years to come. You can also work on the “New You” with our partner Psymood*.

* PsyMood is our partner with a platform that offers flexible online and in-person mental health services with your language and cultural background in mind.  Get their exclusive introductory offer using the promo code: “CTA_PsyMood” to receive a 10% discount for the 4 first paid sessions.

Father hugging his daughter and son.

“Come To Agreement has created a comprehensive suite of family law products, which address the various stages of the separation journey that parents and children go through. I strongly recommend their products to anyone going through this experience.”

Darlene M. Rites – Family Lawyer – Toronto, Ontario