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My2Families - Co-Parenting App

When parents separate, communication needs to significantly improve. This becomes more of a problem when the ex-spouses live in two separate locations and anger exists. Managing children’s schoolwork, daily activities and their other daily requirements becomes complicated when parents have different short-term or long-term goals and values.

The Co-parenting app My2Families brings all the needed relationship tools into one very useful ex-family communication eco-system, which can be used daily until children or teens complete college or university. Each person will benefit in their own unique way whether they are a co-parent, a child, a grandparent, a stepparent or invited users such as Family Law Professionals.
My2Families allows co-parents to share information on each module, utilizing Permissions, Get 50 50 custody schedule and Privacy Settings, to permit any user to have View Only, Edit and Share Information or keep Information Private.

Parenting Schedule(s)

Parenting schedules on a mobile device and laptop.

My2Families allows parents to create simple or complex residential schedules for the children. Each Parenting Schedule is created in “Draft” pending approval. The Schedules can also be saved for historical review.
The parenting schedule could include all children changing residential homes at the same time, or have individual schedule for each child, have drop-off and pickup times specified and by whom, recurring schedules until a specific date or number of occurrences, customized notes, changes to an existing schedule for Holidays, School Vacations …etc. There’s even the ability to set up Pre-Programmed Schedules, 50 50 custody schedule.

Money Manager

Money Manager allows Moms and Dads to appropriately share their children’s Special Expenses in a fair and responsible way. Each expense above an agreed-to limit has a “Request for Approval” and can be either approved or denied. The module allows both parents to track the Approvals and keep Historical Records of all expenses. Expenses can be shared with different expense percentages, expenses can either be marked “Paid” or set to be Paid on a specific date. Expenses can be sorted by Child, by Expense, by Date or by Paying Parent, etc. Receipt images for an expense can be uploaded for record keeping or tax purposes. Expenses can even be shared by both parents, with each parent paying a specific amount to the vendor directly.

Screenshots of the money manager application on a laptop and mobile device.

Other My2Families Modules

Dashboard – offers a customizable view of the modules you care about the most in addition to the calendar

Calendars – can be shared among all family members, or each user can create their own Private Calendar Folder to share with specific family members. Calendars allow children to see their residential schedule. The Calendars can be viewed by week, month or year, showing Events, Activities and Appointments. If a child’s appointment or event occurs on the other parent’s time, there’s an Approval Request sent. There’s even an option to add an event to the Calendar, without approval, if the event occurs on the time scheduled with that parent.
Recurring Events can be added, Due Dates can be scheduled, Unlimited Reminders set, and each User can define their own Views.

Notes – keep all your Family information in the Family Folders and keep your personal or private thoughts, ideas and journals in your own Private Folders. Sort your notes in unlimited subfolders. Notes can be shared as individual notes or as shared folders, with any user. Filter by date or title, Upload attachments, or email your notes. You can even Tag notes for easy retrieval

Children’s Info – keeps each child’s info in one place, so that it’s easy to retrieve when you really need it.

School Planner – Keep all your children’s school information in one place so you know the phone number, website info, principal, classes and teacher’s info, etc.

Homework Manager – when your child adds their homework to My2Families, parents can now follow-up and make sure homework is completed on time from whichever parent’s home your child happens to be. Homework dates can be calendarized on the Family Calendar or each child can have their own Homework Calendar. Keeping children organized allows for better grades and happier children.

Media Center – Share photos, videos or audio files with all or some of the family members. You can select to provide view only or edit access to other family members

Documents – Use this module to share documents with all family members, select family members or keep them private. You can share whole folders or individual documents including emails. It also links to Google Drive.

Contacts – keeps all contacts in one place. You can add contacts to a Family-shared folder or in private folders that may be shared with specific family members.

My2Families Features

Money manager

  • Expenses Register and Historical Records
  • Notifications, Alerts, and Reminders
  • Payment Due Dates on Calendar
  • Request Reimbursement
  • Search by Child, Expense, Date, Parent Payment, etc.
  • Share Expenses by Parent/Category %
  • Upload Image of Receipt

Children's info

  • Record Medical Information and Upload Documents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Child Care Info
  • Health and Fitness Programs
  • Favorites

User settings and rules of use

  • 1 Parent subscribes Monthly or Yearly – for Family
  • Paying Parent Invites Co-Parent with Edit Status.
  • Both Parents approve Children’s Permissions (by Module – Edit, View Only or Private -not viewable). To change Permission Settings both parents need to agree in Requests
  • Children cannot see Children’s Info, Parenting Schedules or Money Manager
  • Parents Set Permissions for Other Users they invite (by Module – Edit, View Only or Private – not viewable). Coming Soon
  • All Family Folders are owned by both Parents
  • The Individual User who creates an entry, owns that entry
  • Private Folders may be created in most modules, by any User
  • Entries are archived, for ongoing record-retention purposes


  • View All Your Activities at a Glance
  • Calendar – Today, Weekly
  • Viewable Applications – Plan Your Day with Your Important Modules
    -Example: Documents, Notes, Media Center


  • Create Unlimited Calendars – Family and Private, etc.
  • Customizable – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Events, Activities, and Appointments
  • Recurring Events
  • Schedule Homework Due Dates
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • User Defined Views
  • Mobile Access (coming soon)

Parenting schedule(s)

  • By Parent, by Child(ren), Customized Schedules
  • Custom Notes Section
  • Non-Resident – Parent Meals
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Schedules
  • Pre-Programmed Schedules
  • Recurring Schedules
  • Vacation Schedule


  • Family and Private Folders
  • Links with Appointments on Calendar
  • Attach Files and Notes to the Contact
  • Custom Fields

Requests and notifications

  • Approvals –Change of Parenting Schedule(s)
  • Approvals –Change of Children’s Activity Schedules
  • Approvals –Children’s Special Expenses
  • Reimbursement Reminders
  • Alerts and Reminders

School planner/homework manager

  • Calendarize Homework Due Dates
  • Keep All School Information Organized
  • Help Your Child(ren) Manage Their Homework
  • Organize Class Schedules and Weekend Programs
  • Schedule Children’s School Events and Activity Day
  • Search Features Including Previous Year’s Homework

Media center

  • Upload Family Photos and Videos
  • Create Folders and Unlimited Subfolders
  • Email Photos or Videos
  • Share Folders or Subfolders
  • Links to Google Drive


  • Family and Private Folders
  • Share Individual Notes or Folders
  • Filter By Date, Title
  • Tags
  • Unlimited Sub-Folders
  • Email Individual Notes
  • Upload Attachments
  • Comments On Notes
  • Full Editor for Professional Documents


  • Family and Private Folders
  • Share Folders or Individual Documents
  • Email Documents
  • Links to Google Drive

Mobile (coming soon)

  • Co-Parent While “On-The Go”. Everything you need in 1 place
  • Manage Calendars and Events
  • Send and Receive Requests, Notifications
  • Manage and Update Contacts
  • View School Planner
  • View Children’s Info
  • Receive Notifications, Reminders and Alerts

Benefits of My2Families

How Do I Benefit

Each person will benefit in their own unique way whether they are a co-parent, a child, a family law professional or an invited user. When families become “ex-families”, each person requires a variety of new resources just to keep focused and balanced.

My2Families is the perfect suite of applications, which provides flexibility and organization for each person while providing individual personal security, privacy or shared information.


Typically, in every family, there are certain daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines and of course ongoing obligations. Separation causes all family routines to change and obligations to shift. Parental communication changes from discussions after children go to bed, to emails or no discussion at all.

Parenting Schedule(s) and Calendar Events for children’s activities, often become a nightmare for one or both parents. How can activities be arranged when parents don’t speak to each other? Who picks up? Who drops off? Who takes the children to the doctor or dentist when both parents work? How do you look after all kids when there’s a young child at home? Who keeps track of the children’s special expenses and who pays?

When children go back and forth between their parent’s homes, are both parents involved with school homework? Do both parents understand how their children feel and speak openly with each other? Is important information still shared such as medical information and childcare?

The various My2Families modules help with all these questions and more.

The question to ask yourself is, can I really manage all my family responsibilities and my personal responsibilities and obligations without help from My2Families?


Children have simple needs, which become complicated when parents separate. The School Planner & Homework Manager is a great place to start. It allows both parents to be involved with school and homework and enables each child to manage their subjects. The Family Calendar will keep the kids organized and they’ll know the “who, what, where and when”, will take place in their lives. The Media Center lets them upload their photos and videos while Notes provides the opportunity for thoughts and feelings to be expressed.

Children want to feel love from both parents. They want to feel good about themselves especially at school and amongst their peers, without complications. But… separated life is difficult and challenging. Children will love the simplicity of My2Families and the fear they often feel will start to be replaced with optimism.


When families separate, professionals are often involved. Whether a Family Lawyer, a Family Mediator or any other qualified Separation or Divorce Professional, with permission from you, the client. Separation and Divorce is a “journey” all family members share. Professionals are there to help with your journey.

Coming Soon:
Grandparents, Stepparents and Other Users

If you have parents (grandparents) who are able to lend a helping hand, you are very lucky! Common stressors separated parents face are: how can I be at work and pick up the kids at school, at the same time? How can I take Sally to her after-school or evening program and still look after my other children? Today, Grandparents, Stepparents and Other Users take a hands-on role involving themselves in the lives of the children. Healthy and abled grandparents, stepmoms or stepdads, friends or relatives help reduce many of the stressors children face.

My2Families keeps everyone in the loop.

My2Families Frequently Asked Questions

Is My2Families compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems?


What are the supported browsers?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari. It is always recommended you have the latest updates for your internet browser.

What personal information is public and private?

The contact information and any other information you provide in My2Families will never be shared with 3rd party companies.

Is My2Families available in other languages?

My2Families is currently available in English. French and Spanish will be available later.

Is the monthly or annual cost per parent, per user or per family?

The cost is per family with one Co-Parent signing up and paying for the family account.

What payment methods do you offer?

Visa and MasterCard.

What currency is charged for the monthly or annual membership fee?

All customers are currently charged in CAD funds.

How does membership work if I choose to pay monthly?

Your credit card will be charged monthly. There are no one-time fees.

If I pay in monthly installments, can I use My2Families immediately?


How much does it cost for updates?

Updates are included in the monthly or annual charge.

Are updates automatic?

Yes, and you will be notified by email of any updates.

How does it work if I am purchasing My2Families for someone other than myself?

The login information will be sent to the account owner so he/she can login and use My2Families.

Do I need to renew my membership annually to continue using My2Families?

Yes. You will be sent a reminder notice well in advance of your membership renewal date. If you choose to change payment method, please notify Come To Agreement before your renewal date.

What is your cancellation policy? Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee. If you choose to cancel your membership at any time, please copy your information to your own server first.

What types of support are available should I have difficulty navigating my way through the application?

You can check our Help Docs or you can contact us via email anytime.

Can I obtain a refund if I am dissatisfied with My2Families?

Come To Agreement provides a full refund (to the same credit card used), for all accounts cancelled within 30 days of subscribing.

What are the office hours for Come To Agreement?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

What will happen to my information if I don’t pay once my membership expires?

Your user information will be hidden after 30 days. You can log in and renew your membership at any time up to 90 days after the expiry date. All your information will be stored on file. We will send notification emails before the expiration date to remind you to renew your membership.

What are the office hours for Come To Agreement?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

Do you offer 24-hour Live Chat support?

No. Please use the Contact Us Page to request answers for your questions. Depending on the question, we will get back to you in a timely manner.

What are the minimum requirements for user names and passwords?

This information is on the registration page. (Passwords must consist of a minimum 8 characters and must contain only letters and numbers).

How do I create a secure password?

This information is on the registration page. (Passwords must consist of a minimum 8 characters and must contain only letters and numbers).

I can’t remember my username or password. What should I do?

Go to Login. Click “I forgot my password” button. You can reset your User Name and Password and an email confirmation will be sent to your email address registered with My2Families.

I submitted a request to reset my password but I did not receive an email with instructions. What should I do?

Make sure the email address you typed is correct. Also please check your spam folder. If this doesn’t work please contact us.

Is my mobile device supported?

Yes. version. We at Come To Agreement plan to release a mobile version of the My2Families application soon.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I may use?


Will my user activity sync across all my devices?


What happens if my computer crashes and I lose all my information?

No information will be lost. All your information is stored on our secured file server(s) and can be retrieved at any time.

Will my family law professionals have access to my account during my settlement negotiations?

You may provide permission to any Family Law Professional for access to some of your personal information. (Coming Soon)

Is there a “timed-out” period once I am logged in?

Yes. My2Families will save the open data and will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity, or as set by the user.

What is the largest file I can upload?

You can upload files up to 50MB.

Does Come To Agreement offer legal advice?

No. We are not a law firm nor can we provide legal advice.

My2Families Pricing

My2Families parenting relationship tools helps separated or divorced parents develop strategies to improve co-parenting and make sharing their children’s responsibilities, a lot easier.

My2Families Basic Family Account

 FREE UNTIL May 13, 2024 

($119.88 billed annual)

Up to 1 GB of Storage
2 Co-Parents,
1 to 5 Children…
2 Professional

  • Create Unlimited Calendars
  • Parenting Schedule(s)
  • Money Manager
  • Children’s Info
  • Contacts
  • School Planner
  • Homework Manager
  • Notes
  • Media Center
  • Documents
  • Requests, Approvals & Notifications
  • Archiving of Data
  • Mobile (Coming Soon)
Signup (Free 30 Day Trial)
       No credit card required
Mother with son on her back.

“My2Families is the perfect Co-parenting app / product for ex-spouses, including for blended families, and for working parents who share responsibilities for their children.”

Leonardo Mongillo – Family Lawyer – Richmond Hill, Ontario